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The 500 Most Popular Restaurant Reward Programs Guide


Restaurants can be broken down into not only different restaurant types but also food types as well. Some examples of these may be – Asian, bakeries, barbecue, chicken, coffeehouses, desserts, family style, Italian or pizza, Mexican, sandwiches or seafood.

This page deals with those restaurants that focus primarily on chicken alone. Most restaurants in America focus on a variety of meats or vegetables, but there is some that focus only on one.  There have always been local restaurants that focus on chicken but in the last decade or so there has also been a few strong chains like Chick-Fil-A and Zaxby’s. With their success, it almost makes you wonder if other restaurant chain ideas may follow suit using other meats or vegetables as their sole focus.



Driving around most neighborhoods in America, you will often find teenagers out playing basketball, few of them are talking about opening up a restaurant, and even fewer than that go on to do it, much…

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